Deer Placenta capsules improved my energy level and well-being after a few days. I am very satisfied with the product and recommend it to everyone.

My blood pressure has improved significantly since taking Deer Placenta capsules. I used to have a lot of problems with it, but now it has stabilized.

In the past, I had quite a few sports injuries, from which I did not manage to fully recover, which is why I started taking the capsule, as it helped one of my acquaintances. Now my knee has recovered to the point where I can run again, unfortunately that hasn't worked yet either.

I have been taking the product for two weeks. I have had knee joint pain for years, especially when I get up in the morning. Before the operation, I tried the Einnalab capsules as a last hope and I am very grateful, because even after all this time the improvement is huge. I take 2 capsules per day. If you have such problems, you should definitely try it.

Eddig négy dobozzal fogyasztottam el, még vissza van 2 hónap a kúrából. Három kapszulát szedek be az esti étkezésem előtt. Négy hónappal ezelőtt az a1c-m elég magas volt (8,9), de az Einnalab-nak köszönhetően mostanra sikerült levinnem egy sokkal egészségesebb értékre (6,8-ra).

Az ára miatt sokat gondolkodtam, hogy megrendeljem-e a kapszulát de mivel az állapotom nem javult ezért gondoltam teszek egy próbát. Azóta már lecsökkenthettem a vérnyomás gyógyszerem az orvosom engedélyével.

I have been doing the 6-month treatment for several years now, until now I always had to order the product from abroad, with high shipping costs. I'm glad to get it at home.

I have been dealing with Eastern "medicine" for a long time. The capsule is very well put together, the ingredients are good. I have done a course with Einnalab capsules in the past, and now I have ordered the 6-month course.

I am a diabetic, 64 years old. I've only been taking the capsules for 1 month, but I'm no longer so tired and exhausted, and I've even managed to lose a little weight, which is a big deal for me. It's good to finally feel like there's still hope.

I have blood pressure problems, I almost managed to talk myself into a treatment worth almost HUF 1 million for another brand. Well, after two months things really started to improve. I don't feel so tense anymore, I don't have those intense heartbeats like before. I am more alive now. I definitely recommend it.

I'm so glad I found them after their more expensive competition. The experience is the same, but I got it at a much better price. Thanks.

I am already starting the 3rd month. I don't have a serious problem, I'm just doing the 6-month course to preserve my health. My experience: in the first week I already felt how much more energetic I was. Since then, I am much more balanced, I can concentrate on work much better in my head, and I sleep much better than before.

Miraculously, I feel the changes in my body already after 1 week. In particular, my joint condition has improved, as I can walk longer distances than before. I also noticed that my skin and face looked much better. I just love this product and will continue to use it and hope to see even better results.

My friend recommended Einnalab DP. I was impressed with the capsule as this capsule has 12 ingredients that I have been looking for. After taking Einnalab deer placenta, I am definitely much better as it helps relieve my gout pain. I will definitely buy for my whole family on my next order! ​

I was curious about the product, as I had read quite good reviews about it, so I tried it with a box. I immediately ordered the next one, it improves my well-being, and my skin is "rejuvenated" by it. The third box is almost sold out, and the next batch is on order! Best product!

I have been consuming Einnalab Deer Placenta for quite some time. It makes me feel energetic, my boyfriend also said that I look younger and more beautiful. 🙂 This is the best anti aging product I have ever taken. I really recommend it! ​

The product made my skin glow. It also works as an adjunctive treatment for autoimmune diseases, at a much cheaper price. I'm so glad I found it. It deserves 5 stars!

I can't believe this capsule is real. I should have taken a photo before. I am 29 years old and my skin was in horrible condition. It was dry and oily at the same time, pimples everywhere and acne...I hated my skin. I have been taking it for only 2 weeks (2 capsules a day) and my face is completely clear and seems to be more flexible.

I have been taking it for several months now and the difference is huge. My mood is much better, my well being and inflammation have improved a lot, overall I feel great and I am so thankful that there is such a great product on the market that helps people naturally. Thanks!

During Covid, I was in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks. The covid damaged my kidneys, liver and lungs. The COVID is gone from my body, but the damage it caused remains. However, two days after I started taking the capsules, my fatigue was gone. Now I feel much better, I have more energy, I am much fitter and my symptoms are gradually easing. ​

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