The power of the stem cell

The power of the stem cell

What is power of stem cells?

Stem cells are the basic cells in the human body that have extraordinary abilities. These cells are able to transform into other types of cells, so they are crucial in the formation of new tissues and organs, as well as in the regeneration of damaged tissues, this is where the power of stem cells lies. There are two main types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

When a new life is conceived, the fertilized egg begins to divide and an embryonic stem cell is formed.
Embryonic stem cells have the unique ability to transform into several types of cells and thereby participate in the formation of various tissues and organs of the body, such as the skin, lungs, heart, kidneys, hair, etc. ​

The power of the stem cell in embryonic and adult life

As a baby, the stem cell in our body is still an embryonic stem cell, so the body can continue to grow.

However, between the ages of 18 and 24 (roughly after puberty), embryonic stem cells transform into adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells do not have the same regenerative capacity and reproductive potential as younger stem cells. At a young age, the human body has a more efficient stem cell system, which is replaced more quickly and can more effectively replace dead or damaged cells.

During aging, the number and activity of adult stem cells decreases, and the efficiency of cell regeneration and the repair of damage in the body decreases. As a result, the healing process slows down over time and the risk of cell damage increases.

At the age of 20-25, a broken leg heals quickly, but at an older age, healing takes much longer, as the replacement of stem cells is slower.

There are many areas of stem cell research and application, including medicine, regenerative medicine, and disease treatment. For example, stem cells can help treat heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and joint problems. In addition, researchers hope that with the help of stem cells, genetic disorders will become easier to understand and the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases will become more effective.

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